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Video: What sets this curriculum apart? “Presenting A.C.E.”

Verse of the Day

Important Notice (April)

In line with the nation’s efforts to curb the spread of COVID-19, VLCS will implement full Home-Based Learning (HBL) from 8 April to 4 May, 2020. HBL will follow our regular school hours, 7:50am-1:00pm.

The school office will also be closed during this period.

It is significant that this “Singapore circuit-breaker” coincides with Passover (8-16 April, 2020). Let us continue to stand in the gap for the nations, that in this time of global crisis the peoples of the world will look to the Lord Jesus Christ and be saved.

The LORD did not check who inside the house was worthy. He checked for the BLOOD on the doorposts. None of us is worthy. Only the blood of JESUS can cover us.

RSC 2019

Regional Student Convention 2019 was held at First City University College in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, from Monday 26th to Saturday 31st August. We give all glory to God for the victories won by our students (listed below). It was a fruitful and life-changing experience for each student.


Bible Bowl
Moses, Niguun, Lindsey, Shirlene – 3rd

Caleb – 5th

Chinese Chess
Guan Jie – 4th

Yu Xin – 2nd
Margarette – 5th

Poetry Writing
Li En – 1st

Short Story Writing
Sonia – 5th

Linear Powerpoint
Clara – 5th
Jacob – 6th

Non-Linear Powerpoint
Moses – 1st


Pen and Ink
Ashera – 5th

Clara – 5th (Junior)
Ashera – 1st (Senior)
Nicolette – 3rd (Senior)

Mark – 3rd

Pennant Design
Moses – 4th


Akhira – 1st (Junior)
Niegel – 2nd (Junior)
Janelcy – 4th (Senior)

Samantha – 4th (Junior)
Immanuel – 3rd (Senior)
Eneruun – 6th (Senior)

Lindsey – 2nd (Junior)
Ken – 5th (Junior)
Yu Xin – 6th (Junior)
Jericho – 6th (Senior)

Still Life
Ken – 4th (Junior)
Joshua – 6th (Senior)


Counted Cross-Stitch
Janelcy – 4th

Sonia – 6th


Yu Xin – 6th (Junior Girls)
Akhira – 3rd (Junior Boys)
Ashera – 3rd (Senior Girls)
Janelcy – 6th (Senior Girls)

Table Tennis
Xi En – 3rd (Junior Girls)
Xin Kai – 2nd (Junior Boys)
Eneruun – 2nd (Senior Girls)

Soccer Kick
Sophia – 1st (Junior Girls)
Ken – 5th (Junior Boys)

Running Long Jump
Jill – 1st (Junior Girls)
Amelia – 2nd (Junior Girls)
Li En – 5th (Junior Girls)
Eneruun – 3rd (Senior Girls)

Shot Put
Jericho – 5th (Senior Boys)

100m Dash
Kairi – 1st (Junior Girls)
Akhira – 5th (Junior Boys)
Mark – 4th (Senior Boys)
Lorenzo – 5th (Senior Boys)
Conrado – 6th (Senior Boys)

200m Dash
Jill – 1st (Junior Girls)
Yu Xin – 4th (Junior Girls)
Mark – 2nd (Senior Boys)
Alvin – 3rd (Senior Boys)

400m Dash
Darren – 4th (Senior Boys)

4x100m Relay
Amelia, Jill, Kairi, Sophia – 2nd (Junior Girls)
Li En, Xi En, Samantha, Yu Xin – 4th (Junior Girls)
Benson, Akhira, Ken, Bayar – 3rd (Junior Boys)
Niguun, Conrado, Lorenzo, Mark – 2nd (Senior Boys)

Niguun, Kelly, Daniel, Caleb, Conrado, Lorenzo, Mark, Jericho – 1st (Boys)

Eneruun, En Ya, Jill, Ruei Juin, Janelcy, Ashera, Fybe – 1st (Girls)
Conrado, Jericho, Daniel, Niguun, Mark, Isaac, Kelly, Lorenzo – 1st (Boys)


Sarah, Amelia – 4th
Franchesca – 6th

Solo String Plucked
Alvin – 2nd

Instrumental Duet
Daniel, Jericho – 3rd

Vocal Solo
Niegel – 6th

Vocal Duet
Amelia, Jill – 1st
Madison, Sarah – 4th
Sophia, Xi En – 5th

Vocal Trio
Sarah, Seo Rin, Kairi – 1st (Junior)
Mark, Kelly, Jericho – 1st (Senior)
Ruei Juin, Immanuel, Fybe – 6th (Senior)

Vocal Quartet
Niegel, Xi En, Li En, Sophia – 1st (Junior)
Jericho, Mark, Alvin, Caleb – 2nd (Senior)


Shirlene – 1st

Expressive Reading
Sarah – 1st (Junior)
Amelia – 3rd (Junior)
Jill – 4th (Junior)
Priyanka – 5th (Senior)
En Ya – 6th (Senior)

Famous Speech
Caleb – 5th

Poetry Recitation
Sarah – 2nd
Lindsey – 4th
Li En – 6th
Xi En – 6th

Moses – 4th
Joshua – 5th

Sophia, Jill – 1st
Madison, Bayar – 2nd
Sonia, Cassandra – 3rd
Margarette, Seo Rin – 5th

Radio Program
En Ya, Li En, Jacob, Ashera – 3rd
Lindsey, Joshua, Sonia, Cassandra – 5th

Scripture Video
Jacob – 2nd
Akhira, Bayar – 5th


Jill Montales – 1st (Junior)


Arts and Exhibits (Junior) – 3rd
Athletics (Junior) – 1st
Music (Junior) – 3rd
Platform (Junior) – 1st

RSC 2017 Awards

Congratulations to all our participants in the School of Tomorrow Asia (Malaysia) Regional Student Convention 2017! Whether or not they won awards, they exhibited cheerfulness, patience, obedience and sportsmanship throughout the entire week.

Here are the awards achieved by our students in their respective categories:


Margarette – 2nd

Jill – 3rd
Cassandra – 4th
Anikka – 5th

Pen and Ink
Nicolette – 5th

Pencil Sketching
Anikka – 2nd

Photography – Animal Colour
Xin Kai – 1st
Carl – 6th

Photography – Character Trait Colour
Ysabella – 3rd

Photography – Scenic Mono
Kairi – 4th

Photography – Scenic Colour
Xin Kai – 1st
Carl – 4th

Poetry Writing
Jacinthe – 2nd
Margarette – 6th

Audrey – 2nd
Ysabella – 5th

Expressive Reading
Sarah – 3rd
Audrey – 5th

Poetry Recitation
Jacinthe – 3rd
Margarette – 4th
Kairi – 6th

Jacinthe, Margarette – 5th
Cassandra, Ysabella – 6th

Vocal Trio Female
Kairi, Margarette, Sarah – 4th
Anikka, Jill, Nicolette – 5th

200m Dash Female
Audrey – 4th

4x100m Relay Female
Audrey, Cassandra, Jill, Kairi – 5th

Long Jump
Jill – 2nd
Anikka – 5th
Audrey – 6th


Golden Apple Award

Essay Writing
Johan – 1st
Gabrielle – 2nd
Naomi Kil – 3rd
Victoria – 6th

Adin – 5th

Pen and Ink
Christabel – 4th

Pencil Sketching
Adin – 2nd

Photo Enhancement
HeeMyeong – 2nd

Photography – Animal Mono
Josiah – 1st
Ruei Juin – 2nd

Photography – Character Trait Colour
Alecia – 2nd
Kwing Yiu – 3rd
HeeMyeong – 5th

Photography – Character Trait Mono
Elim – 2nd
David Kim – 4th

Photography – Plants Mono
Caleb – 2nd
Kwing Yiu – 3rd

Photography – Scenic Colour
Daniel Kil – 3rd

Photography – Scenic Mono
Daniel Kim – 2nd
Tae Won – 5th

Powerpoint – Linear
Moses – 3rd

Powerpoint – Non-linear
Wayler – 2nd

Science Exhibit Theoretical
Ian – 1st

Short Story Writing
HeeMyeong – 3rd

Yosep – 2nd

Ian – 5th

Famous Speech
Samuel – 1st

Victoria – 4th

Poetry Recitation
Christabel – 4th
Nithya – 5th
Ian – 6th

HeeMyeong – 3rd
David Kim – 5th
Moses – 6th

Solo Piano
Adin – 6th

Solo String
Adin – 6th

Instrumental Duet
Daniel Kim, Naomi Kil – 4th

Instrumental Quartet
Anikka, Christabel, Josiah, Paul – 4th

Instrumental Small Ensemble – 5th

Vocal Solo
Clarice – 5th

Vocal Duet Male
HeeMyeong, Paul – 3rd

Vocal Trio
Gabrielle, Naomi Kil, Shuk Hyn – 4th

Conrado, Daniel Kim, HeeMyeong, Johan, Josiah, Paul, Samuel – 1st

100m Dash Female
Shuk Hyn – 1st

100m Dash Male
Johan – 2nd

200m Dash Female
Shuk Hyn – 2nd

200m Dash Male
Johan – 1st

400m Dash Male
Tae Won – 6th

4x100m Relay Female
Adin, Gabrielle, Naomi Kil, Shuk Hyn – 2nd

Long Jump
Daniel Kim – 1st
Paul – 4th

Soccer Kick
Daniel Kil – 3rd
David Kim – 4th

Table Tennis
Victoria – 3rd

Volleyball Female
Christabel, Elim, Gabrielle, Naomi, Ruei Juin, Victoria – 3rd

Volleyball Male
Conrado, Daniel Kim, HeeMyeong, Josiah, Paul, Samuel – 2nd

Events of the Heart
Isaac Yuen


Arts Division – 3rd
Sports Division – 3rd

Note: As the RSC rally speaker, Pastor Eric Santos, reminded us, much more important than winning medals is having a winning attitude. Winning is becoming the best you can be!

Awards and Graduation Celebration 2017

We are happy to share some photo highlights from our annual awards and graduation event of 22nd July, 2017. Please head over to our Photo Gallery or click HERE to enjoy our selection of photos (there you will see a play button above the displayed photo to start slideshow).

VLCS in the News

We praise God for a positive write-up in these two articles published in The Straits Times on Sunday, 14th August, 2016:

Self-directed learning in Christian school

Private schools need MOE permission to admit S’porean children

Self-directed learning

RSC 2015 Awards

Congratulations to all our participants in the School of Tomorrow Asia Regional Student Convention 2015!

Here are the awards achieved by our students in their respective categories:

Pastels Junior
Audrey Clarisse S Alvaera – 2nd

Pencil Sketching Junior
Audrey Clarisse S Alvaera – 2nd

Emmalin Chong Qingfang – 1st
Jenny Kim Ha Kyoung – 4th

Emmalin Chong Qingfang – 1st
Lim Kai Ting – 3rd

Social Studies Collection
Tomer Teo Wei Jie – 5th

Photography Colour Scenic Senior
Peyton Choo E-Lynn – 4th

Photography Colour Still Life Senior
Rebecca Chow Jia Yi – 5th

200m Dash Female Junior
Danella Nicole S Calina – 2nd

4x100m Female Junior
Victoria Huang Tianyi, Clarice Liu Xi Lin, Audrey Clarisse S Alvaera and Danella Nicole S Calina – 5th

100m Dash Male Senior
Johan Cornelius Poland-Pham – 3rd

400m Dash Female Senior
Maria Dianata Bastian – 3rd

800m Run Female Senior
Kim Eun Myung – 1st
Rebecca Chow Jia Yi – 6th

4x100m Relay Female Senior
Emmalin Chong Qingfang, Jamie Tan Da Rong, Jerusha Nithiajothi and Kim Eun Myung – 3rd

High Jump Female Senior
Kim Eun Myung – 1st

Long Jump Female Senior
Angeline Hey Ting Fang – 5th
Rebecca Chow Jia Yi – 6th

Shot Put Female Senior
Kim Eun Myung – 1st

Famous Speech
Josh Lim Sheng Wei – 2nd

Illustrated Story Telling Female Junior
Danella Nicole S Calina – 4th

Expressive Reading Female Junior
Clarice Liu Xi Lin – 3rd
Audrey Clarisse S Alvaera – 4th

Expressive Reading Male Senior
Jeremy Ronald Khoo Wai Keong – 1st

Expressive Reading Female Senior
Jamie Tan Da Rong – 1st
Peyton Choo E-Lynn – 3rd
Jerusha Nithiajothi – 6th

Poetry Recitation Female Junior
Ysabella Franchesca Aquino Golfo – 4th

Poetry Recitation Male Senior
Odko Baatarsuren Odbayasgalan – 6th

Poetry Recitation Female Senior
Sarah Tan Xin Xian – 2nd

Dramatic Dialogue
Kim Eun Myung and John Kim Hee Myeong – 2nd

Spelling Junior
Clarice Liu Xi Lin – 1st

Chess Senior
Lee Cheng Xin – 1st

Table Tennis Female Junior
Shannen Meg C Pacis – 3rd

Table Tennis Male Senior
John Kim Hee Myeong – 5th

Female Solo Junior
Shannen Meg C Pacis – 1st
Clarice Liu Xi Lin – 4th

Female Duet Junior
Shannen Meg C Pacis and Audrey Clarisse S Alvaera – 1st

Male Solo Senior
Joel Josiah George – 3rd
Josh Lim Sheng Wei – 6th

Female Solo Senior
Angeline Hey Ting Fang – 1st

Female Duet Senior
Emmalin Chong Qingfang and Jenny Kim Ha Kyoung – 3rd
Angeline Hey Ting Fang and Jamie Tan Da Rong – 4th
Rebecca Chow Jia Yi and Peyton Choo E-Lynn – 6th

Mixed Duet Senior
Josh Lim Sheng Wei and Angeline Hey Ting Fang – 3rd
Kim Eun Myung and John Kim Hee Myeong – 4th
Law Sai Kit and Sarah Tan Xin Xian – 6th

Female Trio Senior
Kim Eun Myung, Emmalin Chong Qingfang and Jenny Kim Ha Kyoung – 1st

Mixed Quartet Senior
Josh Lim Sheng Wei, Emmalin Chong Qingfang, Angeline Hey Ting Fang and Peyton Choo E-Lynn – 1st

Piano Solo Senior
Peyton Choo E-Lynn – 6th

String Plucked Senior
Law Sai Kit – 4th
Josh Lim Sheng Wei – 6th

Events of the Heart
Ian Lim De Xun – Spelling Group, 100m Dash Male, Male Solo, Poetry Recitation

School Award
Platform Division – 3rd

RSC 2015 (1)

RSC 2015 (2)

RSC 2015 (3)

RSC 2015 (4)

RSC 2015 (5) RSC medals 2

RSC Medals 2

Singapore Model United Nations 2015

We wish to congratulate our three students who participated in this year’s Singapore Model United Nations conference, held from 8th to 12th June 2015 at the National University of Singapore.

Karlo and Alan Left to right:
Samuel Tan (member of the International Court of Justice)
Karlo Escanda (representing Ukraine on the Disarmament and International Security Committee)
Alan Tam (observer)

In a Model United Nations conference, participants play the role of country ambassadors in specific United Nations committees to debate issues affecting society today. Before the conference, delegates research on their assigned country’s stand with reference to specific issues, and are expected to navigate within their assigned country’s limitations in their diplomatic conduct with other countries during the conference. Through speeches, negotiating with other delegates and writing draft resolutions, delegates attempt to craft viable solutions to controversial international problems. Thus students are exposed to a wide spectrum of valuable skill sets – as well as broadening their knowledge of international and current affairs, they also learn how to draft policy papers, acquire communication skills in negotiation and compromise, and develop greater confidence in public speaking.

Visit the SMUN website to find out more.

Samuel and Karlo“Would be enriching for our students to join since Mrs Boey wants to raise future leaders.” (Karlo)

Samuel's certificate

Samuel receiving award“I won the award for the best submission in the ICJ Committee. Praise God. I hope I have done the school proud.” (Samuel)

SMUN 2015 Awardees

ISC2015 Placings

Congratulations to all our participants of the International Students Convention 2015!

Here are the placings achieved by our students in the various events that they entered:

1st Place: Afghan – Ashley Peck (out of 11 entries)
3rd Place: Expressive Reading – Ashley Chua (out of 37 entries)
6th Place: Oratory – Kim Eun Myung (out of 21 entries)
8th Place: Knitting – Ashley Peck (out of 10 entries)
8th Place: Vocal Trio Female – Ashley Chua; Angeline Hey; Kim Eun Myung (out of 14 entries)
8th Place: Expressive Reading Male – Jeremy Khoo (out of 19 entries)
8th Place: Famous Speech – Josiah Teh (out of 19 entries)
10th Place: Bible Bowl – Angeline Hey; Jeremy Khoo; Joshua Yoon (out of 56 entries)
12th Place: Preaching 13-15yrs – Jeremy Khoo (out of 26 entries)
12th Place: Preaching 16 and up – Zenn Neo (out of 58 entries)
13th Place: Dramatic Monologue – Ashley Chua (out of 23 entries)
14th Place: Essay Writing – Joshua Yu (out of 50 entries)
14th Place: Group Bible Speaking – all except Ian Lim (out of 15 entries)

Events of the Heart
1st Place: Vocal Solo Male – Ian Lim

All glory to God for His blessings, grace and favour.
And thank you to all parents, staff and fellow students for your prayer and support.

Singapore at ISC 2015

Singapore Delegation

Ashley Peck

Ashley Chua

Kim EunMyung

Ian Lim

ISC 2015 Rally Webstreaming

Experience the excitement of the 2015 International Student Convention! Beginning Sunday, May 24, watch the webstream rallies live on the School of Tomorrow website here. This year webstreaming can also be viewed on mobile devices, tablets, and iPads®. For further convenience, the archived rallies may be available for viewing until November.

Rally Times (U.S.A. Mountain Daylight Time – 14 hours behind Singapore)

Sunday, 10:00 a.m.
Sunday, 5:50 p.m.
Monday, 6:50 p.m.
Tuesday, 6:50 p.m.
Wednesday, 6:20 p.m.
Thursday, 8:30 a.m.

ISC Webstream 2015

SOTA Professional Training

The School of Tomorrow®, Asia, Professional Training Course commences this coming week, March 18-21, 2015 – the first time it is being conducted here in Singapore! Further information for delegates may be found HERE.


  • Philosophy of Education
  • Five Laws of Learning
  • Secret of Leadership
  • Parents
  • Organization

The course includes experiential learning center sessions, workshops and teamwork. Before attending the training, please watch the “Presenting A.C.E.” video.
Sharpening Your Axe