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Hi Timothy, thank you for your willingness to testify of God’s goodness and mercy. As a graduate of Victory Life Christian School (in 2014, I believe), could you please share with us your responses to the following three questions.

1) Why did you decide to leave mainstream school?

I decided to leave mainstream school because I was struggling to cope with the workload and the stress. I suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome and depression, and could not attend school every day. As a result, the assignments kept snowballing and increasing and I had a nervous breakdown at home. Finally, my parents decided to pull me out of mainstream school. I was 16 at the time and studying for my O levels. It was a heavy blow to me.

My mother had heard of VLCS through Mrs. Laura Lim and decided to inquire more about it. We learned that the school was self-paced, and this suited us very well as we needed a curriculum where the work does not “snowball” if you miss school days. We enrolled in April 2011.

2) What praiseworthy experiences did you have in Victory Life?

I have had many praiseworthy experiences in VL.

First and foremost was a deepening of my relationship with Jesus Christ. Although I identified as a Christian, I was troubled by many doubts about the faith and about the historicity of the Bible. In VL, I learned through the Bible studies and chapel that God was alive and well!! And that Jesus Christ is the only Lord and Savior of all mankind. He became not just “the way, the truth, and the life” but also “my way, my truth, and my life”. A passion for Jesus was stirred in me in VL, and I discovered that through Bible study, I could encounter God for myself in the Scriptures.

Secondly, I was also introduced to apologetics in VL. This provided me with the intellectual answers I needed, and added to my security in the faith. However, I have learned since that although apologetics can be needed and useful, it should never replace the Holy Spirit in bringing the reality of Christ’s presence to us. We need to “taste and see” that the Lord is good and not just believe in Him intellectually.

Third, I was the first student in VL to be given NS deferment. The school achieved its CPE status in 2012 or 2013, and as a result, I was able to defer my NS to complete my American High School Diploma. It was truly an earth-shattering moment as I felt like God moved heaven and earth to allow me to complete my studies in time.

Fourth, the tutelage and guidance provided by the supervisors, especially Mrs. Lim Ho Mun, was a wonderful experience. They guided me in my questions about God and showed me in real tangible ways how God can act through His people. I am wonderfully blessed by my teachers and friends in VL. Indeed, my whole time at VLCS is itself a praiseworthy experience! Praise God!

3) What life changing truths did you learn, and how is your life impacted to the glory of God?

One life-changing truth I have learned is this: God is real, and His name is Jesus. As someone who used to have doubts, I now live in complete freedom and the assurance that faith brings. God is truly living and active in my life, and I have seen Him intervene on many occasions in answer to my prayers. I am hungry for God and excited for more of Him in my life.

Another truth I learned is that community is important. In VLCS, the students had fellowship together and we frequently discussed faith issues. I found the fellowship to be a blessing and this taught me to value my community in church as the Christian walk can only be lived in the context of a community. This truth changed me from someone self-centered and inward-looking to someone who also “looks out for the interests of others” (Philippians 2:4).

I can truly say that VLCS is God’s school. It is where Jesus is exalted and where the Holy Spirit dwells. It is truly here to make ready “a people prepared for the Lord”. My life has been transformed because of VLCS. Praise the Lord!

Valedictory Speech 2019

Good evening everyone! My name is Janelle, and I’m humbled to be standing here representing the graduands of 2019. Words are not enough to express the privilege to be part of this batch of graduates, who each has an inspiring story to share. From struggling with our fears, dramas, doubts and personal issues, to overcoming them, we certainly have come a long way.

I believe that we all have loads of fond memories from our journey in Victory Life. I certainly do. It brings a smile to my face whenever I recount moments like erasing the colorful words written on my PACEs by “you know who you are,” listening to a dear friend practice her Aussie accent almost every day, hearing one of my classmates shout “Fire! Fire!” in class, sitting beside Conrado (who insists that I mention his name in my speech), exchanging countless texts with a supervisor about waiting for the right one (wink wink), and experiencing the Regional and International Student Conventions. Finding out that I was chosen as the valedictorian was definitely a big moment for me. If you had told me five years ago that I would be graduating from high school – let alone as a valedictorian – my parents and I would have thought, “Impossible!”

Five years ago, I was drowning in anxiety, eating disorder, and plagued with suicidal thoughts. I came into Victory Life broken and rejected. Trapped in the past and negative thoughts, coming to school every day was a struggle because I was constantly fearful and anxious. I remember how I used to stand outside the door in the Balestier campus, trembling as I struggled to even ring the bell to enter the school, and I had to work on my PACEs in the conference room instead of being in the Learning Center. However, those days are so far behind me now. In the past, I used to dread break time, during which I would always hide away in quiet places, silently crying by myself. But break time has since become a huge anticipation of the day for me, a time when I can put aside PACE work and just enjoy the company of my friends. I remember that I used to break down at the mere thought of having to be around people and would even go to the extent of hiding in the reception room during chapel time. Now, I join in chapel and engage in many school activities, including the recent International Student Convention held in Missouri. It’s ironic how I used to be fearful of making friends and opening up to any supervisor when I first entered VL, because I have not only made lifetime friends but gained another family here, who each has played irreplaceable roles in my transition from despair to hope. It’s also amazing how out of them are also a few whom God has used to inspire me to want to bring hope and education to under-privileged kids. You guys know who you are. You have a long-standing place in my heart. Pa and Ma, you are included.

It has been a journey of growth, filled buckets of tears, and buckets and buckets of joys. I came into Victory Life empty and broken, but I have since been filled by God with love and hope and I can only give Him the glory for my transformation. Throughout, I have learned that we mustn’t allow our past mistakes to define who we are, because transformation is possible and nothing is beyond hopeless. As Corrie ten Boom said, “There is no pit so deep, that God’s love is not deeper still.”

Graduates, would you join me as I reflect about how far we have all come? Through this journey it is evident, for me, that there was never a second that God was not with us. We have become more than conquerors through God’s ever-present help and mercy in obstacles and through His unfailing love that drives out fears when we draw close to Him.

And to my fellow school mates: God has already begun a good work in you, and He will bring it to completion and fulfill His plans and purposes for you. Keep walking with Him. You are priceless to God.

So, friends, I was just wondering… Why don’t we begin availing ourselves to live out our destiny in Him? Why not let us live for dreams and visions far beyond ourselves, sculpted by God in love? He’s calling you. I’m in this, so why not let us all do it together?

Thank you, and all praise and glory to Jesus!

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A Graduate’s Testimony

When I was 15 years old, I left public school with a strong desire to be homeschooled. I had been struggling with some difficulties — mostly emotional — that hindered me from attending school like any other student. My parents, however, were unable to homeschool me. Through a series of events (that I believe did not happen by chance), I found Victory Life Christian School (VLCS).

I, for one, can testify that VLCS is a school like no other. In VLCS, character building is always the primary focus. Character traits and moral values are weaved into our curriculum and we learn about them as we study English, Math, Science, etc. These character traits are further emphasized through chapel services and morning devotions. VLCS is also a place where these character traits can be readily applied — we are always encouraged to reach out to the young ones and the students with special needs, whether through tutoring or through school events. It is certainly a breath of fresh air to have teachers (or supervisors and monitors) who care about the people we are becoming, rather than how well-developed our brains are.

VLCS teaches students how to learn independently. We set our daily goals and work at our own pace. We never have to conform to expectations of our academic abilities. We grow to understand ourselves and how we “function” best. No particular study technique is forced upon us. We are also always reminded to be mindful of the little things. Hence today, almost two years after I graduated, I still set daily goals for myself, practice neat cursive handwriting, keep a Bible journal, and push in my chair after I get up — something my friends from public school are always impressed by! These little habits have certainly prepared me for greater pursuits in life, such as going to study Speech Science at the University of Sheffield in UK!

When I left public school, I thought everything was “over” for me. I never would have thought I could come this far. VLCS gave me a second chance at education, helped me come out of my shell, and sharpened my interest in working with children. Above all, VLCS brought me back to the arms of the ever-faithful God. I still have a long way ahead, but I will carry every big and small thing I learnt at VLCS with me to university and beyond.

Miss Lim Min graduated from VLCS in August, 2014, and is now preparing to study Speech Science at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

Farewell, Miss Min

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