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Student Support Services

Student orientation is given generally during the first week of each new academic year, individually during the first few days of a new student being admitted, and reviewed at the beginning of each new term to reiterate and strengthen the students’ understanding of Learning Centre procedures. A new student will also be assigned a “buddy” to help him or her adapt to the new ways of self-directed learning until he or she is more independent.

We use a comprehensive motivational reward/merit/honour system. Good work is openly commended in the Learning Centres. 1000 Club, Privilege status, Honour Roll, awarding of stars and Congratulations! slips for completed PACE tests, and merits for various good behaviours help motivate students to do their best.

Supervisors coach, counsel, inspire and pray with students in their academic pursuits as well as in areas of character building. They also create “WhatsApp groups” with parents and students for feedback of students’ progress/behaviour and notifications/updates of upcoming school activities etc.

Students are assigned to four teams across the ages for team-building, house-keeping and other activities. Leadership Training, Sports Day, VLCS Got Talent and School Camp are platforms for students to learn godly values, in addition to the 90 character traits taught in their PACEs. They are also guided to plan creatively for Children’s Day, Youth Day, National Day and Easter celebrations, and to be advocates for younger students and students with learning challenges.

Students are encouraged to attend the annual Student Conventions where they compete in at least five events out of more than 120 events across five divisions: Arts/Photography, Music/Vocals, Athletics/Games, Academics/Social Studies/Science Projects and Platform/Oratorical/Drama.

Victory Life Christian School does not provide medical insurance for students, nor any form of insurance for parents or guests, nor for theft or loss of personal property such as laptops and mobile phones. Parents are encouraged to arrange such insurance with one of the many providers in Singapore. However, since January 2018, we do maintain accident insurance for our students, provided by The Great Eastern Life Assurance Company Limited. The master insurance policy may be viewed here.

Victory Life Christian School collects course fees in instalments of not more than two months’ fees in advance, so fee protection insurance (FPS) is neither required nor provided.

Financial assistance may be available to students whose parents are full-time pastors or missionaries or are financially challenged (subject to management approval).

EZ-link concession cards may be applied for, for Singapore Citizens only. TransitLink does not offer any concession for non-Singaporeans at private schools. Up to age 12, students qualify for the Primary Concession Card, which offers the same concessions as for MOE primary school students. From age 13, they qualify for the Diploma Concession Card. Note that EZ-link concession cards via private schools must be renewed annually.

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