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Credits towards graduation are accumulated from Level 9 onward. One credit is earned for each level of study (12 PACEs in one subject) completed. In addition to the core subjects, certain electives are required for graduation. Further electives may be chosen according to the student’s preferred vocational direction. Our Guide to Academic Credits might help you to visualise this. A maximum of three non-academic credits may be counted towards graduation.

Students graduating from Level 12 will be awarded an American High School Diploma, conferred by Victory Life Christian School (School of Tomorrow® provide the curriculum, but they do not confer the awards). High school transfer students and VLCS homeschool students must complete at least one year as a full-time student in VLCS before they may receive the American High School Diploma issued by VLCS.

American High School Diploma

  • minimum 27 credits* + 88% GPA + minimum 500 WPM in Readmaster + minimum 45 WPM in Typemaster

with Honours

  • minimum 29 credits* + 94% GPA + minimum 600 WPM in Readmaster + minimum 50 WPM in Typemaster
    *inclusive of up to 3 non-academic credits

Graduates will receive their Official Transcript and Diploma within one month following successful completion of all graduation requirements (subject to all fees being paid up to date), and be publicly presented at our annual Graduation Ceremony.

Note: A Graduation Fee will be charged to cover expenses including the hire of gown and mortar. Graduation Mortar

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