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VLCS has a total indoor floor area of 666 m2, including reception, resource room and admin office/conference/counselling room. We presently have seven classrooms – because the ACE® curriculum is all about learning rather than teaching, these are known as Learning Centres:

Learning Centre Floor Area Maximum number of Students
 Elementary Class  132 m2  44
 Middle School 1  66 m2  25
 Middle School 2  66 m2  25
 Junior High 1  66 m2  25
 Junior High 2  66 m2  25
 High School 1  66 m2  25
 High School 2  66 m2  25

HCSA graciously allows us to use the adjacent lobby for our morning assembly, Chapel on Mondays, and class breaks in wet weather, as well as an outdoor cafe, surrounding gardens, and neighbouring field for P.E.