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The School of Tomorrow® curriculum focuses specifically on the student learning rather than the teacher teaching. Teachers/educators are referred to as Supervisors, and classrooms are referred to as Learning Centres. Each class has its own Learning Centre served by a Supervisor assisted by one or more Monitors (administrative assistants/teacher aides), yielding an average Staff:Student ratio of 1:12.

Since the curriculum is a specially developed self-study program, staff do not teach – the curriculum is the teacher, and students are active learners. Thus staff can freely facilitate any of the courses and any of the modules – students do not move to different classrooms nor have different teachers for different subjects.

In addition to their academic qualifications, all staff members – whether supervisors, monitors, or office staff – complete the A.C.E.® Professional Staff Training Course run by School of Tomorrow® or their representative. They also attend conferences, including the annual Christian Educators’ Convention, to learn educational reforms, share ideas, and sharpen their focus on Christian Education and the best practices for using the curriculum. Continual reference to the School of Tomorrow® Procedures Manual is required of all staff.

Our staff members are chosen based on their individual merits and giftings, including educational background, life experience, spiritual maturity, and a heart to serve God by serving children. As the School of Tomorrow® curriculum is self-instructional, the primary formal qualification for our staff (above diplomas or degrees) is the completion of the professional Supervisor Training conducted by A.C.E.® (Administrator Training is not a requirement).

Supervisor Qualifications

Name Position Latest A.C.E. Staff Training Former Profession Highest Academic Qualifications Conferring Institute
Super. Admin.
Chan An Ming, Cynthia Supervisor – Victory 1 2023 2018 Sole Proprietor
Shadow Teacher
Advanced Diploma in Special Education

Bachelor in Management & Marketing

College of Allied Educators, Singapore

Deakin University, Australia

Cheong Ho Mun Administrator

Relief Supervisor

2021 2016 Teacher
General Manager & Business Partner
Touch Program Executive
Diploma in Physical Education and Maths College of Physical Education, Singapore
Karlo Jon Redil Escanda Supervisor – Victory 2 2023 2018 Assistant Supervisor, High School American High School Diploma Victory Life Christian School, Singapore
Joel Josiah George Supervisor – Cornerstone 2019 Completed National Service Victory Life Christian School, Singapore
Alistair David Quirey Operations Manager

Relief Supervisor

2021 2016 IT Specialist Certificate in Social Service Studies

Diploma in Christian Ministry

Bay of Plenty Polytechnic, NZ

Faith Bible College, New Zealand

Ranee Quirey Supervisor – Overcomers 2023 Senior Staff Nurse
HCF Fulltime Worker
Diploma in Christian Ministry

Diploma in Nursing

Faith Bible College, New Zealand

Singapore School of Nursing

Nathaniel Lee Rippee Supervisor – Dunamis 2 2023 Woodwork Instructor
Youth Worker
Bachelor of Science Northland International University, USA
Joanne Tham Yoke Cheng Supervisor – Dunamis 1 2023 2018 Business Owner
Marketing Director
Bachelor of Arts Oklahoma City University, Oklahoma, USA

NOTE 1: All our Supervisors are full-time staff. We do not have part-time Supervisors nor part-time courses.
NOTE 2: Since the PACEs themselves are the teachers, all Supervisors are able to facilitate all modules and all courses.