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Singapore Model United Nations 2015

We wish to congratulate our three students who participated in this year’s Singapore Model United Nations conference, held from 8th to 12th June 2015 at the National University of Singapore.

Karlo and Alan Left to right:
Samuel Tan (member of the International Court of Justice)
Karlo Escanda (representing Ukraine on the Disarmament and International Security Committee)
Alan Tam (observer)

In a Model United Nations conference, participants play the role of country ambassadors in specific United Nations committees to debate issues affecting society today. Before the conference, delegates research on their assigned country’s stand with reference to specific issues, and are expected to navigate within their assigned country’s limitations in their diplomatic conduct with other countries during the conference. Through speeches, negotiating with other delegates and writing draft resolutions, delegates attempt to craft viable solutions to controversial international problems. Thus students are exposed to a wide spectrum of valuable skill sets – as well as broadening their knowledge of international and current affairs, they also learn how to draft policy papers, acquire communication skills in negotiation and compromise, and develop greater confidence in public speaking.

Visit the SMUN website to find out more.

Samuel and Karlo“Would be enriching for our students to join since Mrs Boey wants to raise future leaders.” (Karlo)

Samuel's certificate

Samuel receiving award“I won the award for the best submission in the ICJ Committee. Praise God. I hope I have done the school proud.” (Samuel)

SMUN 2015 Awardees

What sets our curriculum apart? Watch this video: “Presenting A.C.E.