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Final Week of Term 1


Dear Parents,

Due to several holidays falling together (the latest addition being Presidential Polling Day), there will be no school next week after Victory Nite.

• Saturday 27 Aug: VN Rehearsal 7:50am-1:30pm
• Monday 29 Aug: Victory Nite 2011 (NOTE: students must be in school by 1pm, and will be dismissed from The Grassroots Club after 9:30pm, except for leaders)
• Tuesday 30 Aug: Hari Raya Puasa Public Holiday
• Wednesday 31 Aug: Day off in lieu of Polling Day Public Holiday* (most schools will be taking this on Monday, but we are holding Victory Nite that evening)
• Thursday 1 Sep: Day off in lieu of VN rehearsal on Saturday
• Friday 2 Sep: Teachers’ Day School Holiday (we will hold the celebration in the first week of next term)
• Saturday 3 Sep: School Holidays begin
• Monday 12 Sep: Term Two commences

In His service,

Ps. Rajaram S.N. Samy (Raj)

* http://www.mom.gov.sg/newsroom/Pages/PressReleasesDetail.aspx?listid=378