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A Parent’s Testimony

“For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory which shall be revealed in us.”

Carl and I can attest to Romans 8:18. Carl’s journey as a student, especially when we were still in the Philippines, was not easy. Not all schools were ready to handle ADHD, and not all were willing. Some charge additional fees for a shadow teacher, claiming they will handle the child, but Carl even experienced trauma in one of the schools he was enrolled in. Jumping from one school to another, I noticed Carl feels comfortable in places where he finds love.

God is so good that we found VLCS when we first moved to Singapore, so we didn’t have to encounter the same experiences as in the past. From the time he was assessed, I was already happy to meet Mrs Boey, who was very welcoming and who prefers not to label Carl as having ADHD. It wasn’t smooth at the start: adjusting to the new environment, and bringing his trauma from the past and heavy heart then, Carl had problems in class; but I am grateful that VLCS has been my partner in raising Carl as a son of God and a part of society. From a boy who had anger management issues 5 years ago, Carl is now an aspiring artist and a loving, empathetic and God-fearing boy. He has always been loving, but he found it hard to express it in certain instances, and we are happy that now he is able to control his emotions and frustrations. Carl is growing to be a God-fearing man even in his teenage years, which I know some parents struggle with. I am able to see this especially when out with others, even outside school. Being a solo parent, it wasn’t easy, but VLCS has been my partner in raising Carl and has always reminded me that God is Carl’s Father.

When he first joined VLCS, I was called almost every week. I have to be honest, it was stressful – but what was good is that the school worked with me and provided continuous feedback and prayed with us a lot. The succeeding year, I was only called once a month; what a relief! Later on, only quarterly – I couldn’t be more grateful. And now, I’m not called at all! Now I only go to school for PCs, praise God! I am teary eyed when I recall who Carl was before and what he is now. The school also recognised what Carl is good at – he found fulfilment doing his art and crafts, and also competed at RSC and ISC in photography, drawing and even singing. The school, the environment, the foundation, the supervisors, the students, have all been accepting of Carl and we are thankful for that. He has been handled by almost all the supervisors, and I am thankful that they have been God’s instrument in helping Carl. Special mention to Mrs Liah and Mr Karlo who have continuously provided guidance to Carl up till now and have been pushing him (in a productive way) to be his best. Thank you!

We are now moving to the UK. Leaving VLCS is our only hesitation in moving, but we are reminded that God will take care of us. We pray that we find the same care, the same love, and the same nurturing environment and people for Carl in the UK. We also pray that VLCS continues to help students like Carl.

– Carol Tragura

A Thankful Parent

Sandy is doing very well in College; she’s been on the Dean’s list every semester so far. She will be finishing up her second year soon. I truly thank God for the wonderful foundation of VLCS that helped shape Sandy to who she is today. Thank you for creating this wonderful school.

God’s Miracle – My Son Preaching at RSC

Testimony by Mrs Rachel Chin

Since young, my son, Moses Chin, suffered from a form of social anxiety disorder and was petrified of being in the spotlight. When he was in primary one, he was enrolled in a wonderful school with caring and loving staff. However, he did not speak a word to any staff or student for the entire year because of his anxiety. Under the loving and patient care of his teachers, Moses gradually opened up and was able to hold short conversations with his teachers and fellow classmates from primary two onwards. However, he would clam up whenever he had to do an oral presentation. In other words, no sound would come out of him, no matter how hard he tried. So as far as I know, from primary school to secondary one, he had never done any oral presentation or platform event.

When Moses came to VLCS, God performed a miracle on him. God gave him the courage and desire to do oral presentations, firstly in a small group of about 10 students, and gradually to a bigger group of 20 plus students. Then, to my great surprise, Moses signed up for the preaching event for Regional Student Convention 2017, in spite of his phobia of being in the spotlight. I thank God for godly and caring mentors such as Mrs Ranee Quirey, Mr Philip Yee, Mrs Cynthia Chan and Mr Jonathan Cheng whom God has placed in Moses’ life to help him overcome his fear of public speaking. With their encouragement and guidance, Moses has improved by leaps and bounds in his skills of oral presentation. Mr Jonathan was particularly instrumental in preparing Moses for his preaching event at RSC.

The last rehearsal in school was a breakthrough for Moses, as he was able to overcome his fear to preach in front of the entire school. However, he was unable to project his voice, so the majority of the audience could not hear him well even though he was using a microphone. After that incident, he prayed regularly to God to help him project his voice at RSC.

The day when he was due to do his preaching at RSC, I could see that he was very nervous. He walked up and down the hall and his hands were icy cold. I prayed with him and his prayer was again, “Dear Father God, please help me project my voice.” When his turn was near, he kept drinking water from his water bottle and making coughing sounds. I went to the front and sat near Mr Jonathan. The first thing Mr Jonathan told me was that he hoped Moses could project his voice. I was very nervous and spoke to God in my heart, “Dear Lord, please don’t put Moses to shame. I don’t need him to win any medal. My only wish is that he is able to project his voice!”

When it was Moses’ turn to speak, I was like watching a tense horror movie, feeling very scared inside. As Moses opened his mouth, I held my breath, and then to my amazement, an unfamiliar voice came forth, loud and clear! Tears of relief and joy just flowed down my cheeks uncontrollably. Then, I sensed God asking me, “Did you see the Red Sea parting?” “Hallelujah, Lord, I see the miracle! Sorry, for my unbelief! Though I am faithless, thank You that You are faithful.”

Praise be to God, Moses won a medal (6th place) in the preaching event! Till today, my husband, my daughter and I marvel at God’s miracle. Moses spoke fluently with a different accent – we had never heard him speak like that before. My hubby said if he were to hear Moses’ voice only and not see his face, he wouldn’t know that it was his son preaching. All glory goes to God for this miracle that happened in Moses’ life!

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