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A Different Spirit

Dear Mrs Boey,

We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to Mrs Joanne, Ms. Rita and Ms. Marilyn for shepherding Isaac and helping him grow. The heart of these 3 ladies for their children in class is just amazing. They are so full of love and encouragement.

Victory Life has a different spirit. I remember picking Isaac up in the initial months and the Lord impressing upon me that this place is where David’s mighty army is formed.

Isaac joined Victory Life in July 2022, and in less than 8 months we have witnessed countless breakthroughs. Glory to Jesus indeed!

Here is a glimpse of some of the many breakthroughs:

1. He used to have a meltdown whenever he was presented with a gift. He has now overcome this fear.

2. He used to have a huge fear of public speaking and would never do so. He was given the opportunity to lead the whole school in a declaration a few months after starting school.

3. He could hardly draw a straight line with a ruler despite many occupational therapy sessions. Within the first few weeks in VLCS, he was drawing lines in his PACEs with a ruler!

4. He used to have so much fear and would freeze whenever he was presented with something new. Now he is open to new experiences, new food, and new places. Even when he is not ready, he is in a much better place and can communicate his concerns better.

5. He used to be in his own world, and we had to put his homework in front of him before he would even start doing it. Even then, someone needed to sit beside him to ensure it was done. Today, he sets his goals through the goal card, is accountable to do his work, marks his own work, and can tell us the number of pages he did in school each day.

These improvements have greatly improved the quality of our lives. Even this, we know it’s just the beginning of a great restorative work that the Lord is doing in him.

We are so grateful that his supervisors have given him the gift of no condemnation, and believing in him. As such, Isaac has grown more confident. He enjoys going to school every day. Previously, going to school was a daily struggle. He has also started making friends in his class – something that he has not managed to do for years. We are grateful to kind and patient friends like Nathan and Go who have gone the extra mile to befriend him.

Isaac loves his supervisors who are “firm and fair”, in his exact words. Ms. Rita has put in a lot of effort to keep Isaac “in order”. Isaac’s goal in 2023 is to behave well so that he will not get into trouble with Ms. Rita. He says this with much love and appreciation because he can sense all their hearts.

Thank you so much for everything. I pray that the Lord will continue to give you and all the staff the spirit of wisdom and understanding in the knowledge of Him. As all of you hope in the Lord, He shall renew your strength and equip you for every good work you are doing. He shall prosper the works of your hands.

Best regards,
Jovi (Isaac’s mother)

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