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A Grateful Parent

VLCS was the saving grace of God for my son as he struggled to get his life together after a tumultuous period of teenage sojourns coupled with severe health problems. Before coming to VLCS, he had lost so much self-confidence after the social and physical failures of the past few years, that he was quite withdrawn and unable to continue in the local school systems.

At VLCS, he buried himself in the coursework and thrived in the self-paced learning. With the kind support of the supervisors in his class, he managed to finish up his High School requirements much quicker than expected.

The less stressful pace at VLCS, where there was no homework to be brought home to complete, meant that he could devote his time after school, with his limited energy, to his musical pursuits. This enabled him to do a credible audition and be accepted at the NUS Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music with a full scholarship to pursue his dream of a career in music.

We are so thankful that enrolling at VLCS has given him the opportunity to move on successfully to the next phase of his life. His confidence level has shot up and his health is so much better as well!

Thank you so much VLCS!

A Life Transformed

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