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Another Testimony – RSC 2014

Testimony by Mrs Priscilla Pham-Poland about the Malaysia Regional Student Convention 2014

I am the mother of Johan Poland. Last year in January, we enrolled Johan in VLCS and we had doubts if we were doing the right thing. In the first year, Johan was not keen to attend RSC and we did not force him to participate. But this year, Johan managed to take part in the School Challenge and he qualified for RSC. As a parent, I wanted to know and see what RSC was all about and to support and encourage Johan at the RSC. Therefore, both Johan and I attended the RSC.

On the 24th August, we all gathered at the airport, and I was amazed at how big the group was. There were about 40 students aged from 8 years to 18 years old, about 13 staff members and 4 parents, totalling 57 of us!

The synergy among the students was very good. They took care of each other, with the older students looking out for the younger ones. The staff members were also very vigilant about the welfare and safety of the students during the whole trip. As a parent, I am happy to know that my child is in good hands with the staff.

Being at RSC, I could witness how RSC is a platform for the children to excel at their events. The children have a chance to build confidence and belief in themselves to perform in front of an audience. This will help in their character building and self-esteem which a classroom will not be able to provide. They also have the chance to see their fellow students participate in different events and this will encourage them to also try doing these events. The students were fantastic at helping each other and encouraging each other at their events. They had time to bond with each other, and team work was evident.

I would encourage every parent to let their child participate and attend RSC to enjoy the synergy, bonding and fellowship which will help build their confidence and belief in themselves. Parents, I would encourage you too to attend at least one RSC to experience what I have experienced. In the words of my son, Johan, “Next year I will do better…” Now, I have no doubts sending Johan to this school.

See you at RSC 2015!

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