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Homeschooling is an increasingly popular option for children’s education. Parents may begin their homeschool journey by enrolling their children with Victory Life Christian School in Singapore or with Lighthouse Christian Academy in the United States. For a brief outline of locally-based support (including fees), refer to School of Tomorrow, Asia’s Singapore homeschool brochure. For information about Lighthouse Christian Academy (LCA), please visit their website.

For more than 45 years, School of Tomorrow® (A.C.E.®) has met the academic and spiritual needs of children in over 140 countries through Christian education. Children are given an education that provides Biblical principles with Scripture, academic excellence, character training, and spiritual growth. The program helps parents provide Godly character training through individualized, self-instructional, and mastery-based curriculum. Children become self-motivated, responsible, and mindful of their walk with the Lord. Although designed for use in schools, this curriculum lends itself extremely well to homeschooling, thanks to its individualized, self-instructional format. The program creates a Biblical foundation that will prepare your child for the world today – while providing the tools necessary to succeed in the future.

Please note: For a homeschool student (or other transfer student) to receive the American High School Diploma issued by VLCS, they will have to complete at least their final year as a full-time student in VLCS. Please read through our Course Information for further details.

How to start your homeschool:

Step 1: Confirm your conviction for Christian education, by viewing the online videos Presenting A.C.E. and The Forgotten Biblical Mandate.

Step 2: If your child is a Singapore citizen 7-14 years old, you will need to apply to the Compulsory Education Unit (CEU) of the Ministry of Education (MOE) for exemption from Compulsory Education. (Also note that exemption to homeschool your child does not exempt them from PSLE, nor does it permit them to attend a private school).

Step 3: Register your homeschool with VLCS:
1. Download, read thoroughly and complete the Homeschool Application Form (or this format may be filled out in Word before printing) and Student’s Code of Honor Pledge (to be understood and signed by the student).
2. Arrange for an interview with the school (contact Mrs Lim Ho Mun or Mr Alistair Quirey – phone 6251 5282).
3. Submit copies of the following documents together with the completed application form:

  1. Parents’ Marriage Certificate
  2. Parents’ Identification Documents
  3. Student’s Birth Certificate and Identification Documents
  4. Medical certificates of immunizations given to student
  5. Medical reports concerning student’s physical/psychological condition (if any)

4. Pay the initial fees (by cash, cheque or e-banking – refer to page 4 of the Homeschool Application Form).
. . NOTE: Cheques must be made payable to Victory Life Christian School Ltd.
5. A “homeschool starter pack” (Quick Start Basics Set) will be given upon successful registration.

Step 4: Diagnostic Testing of your child

Step 5: Ordering curriculum

Step 6: Homeschool Parent Orientation

Step 7: Opening day 😀