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The School of Tomorrow® curriculum is developed by Accelerated Christian Education®, Inc., Lewisville, Texas, USA, and comprises six core subjects plus a range of electives.

Each subject grade Level is broken down into twelve units called PACEs (Packets of Accelerated Christian Education®). Each curriculum Level equals one year’s work for a typical student, thus it would take an average student twelve years to complete Levels 1 through 12 (Elementary through High School). However, since students pursue the course at their own individualised pace, dependent upon their unique abilities and personal motivation, they may attain graduation in a shorter or longer time-frame.

For pre-readers, there is also a Pre-Elementary reading-readiness class (kindergarten level), which takes about nine months to complete. However, we are not running this course at present.

The core curriculum covers foundational academic disciplines that fulfil essential educational needs: Maths, English, Social Studies, Science, Word Building (Etymology), and Literature & Creative Writing.

Maths contains 150 PACEs (from kindergarten through a half year of Trigonometry); English, Science and Social Studies each contain 156 PACEs (from kindergarten through Level 12); Word Building has 120 PACEs (kindergarten through Level 9); and Literature & Creative Writing has 84 PACEs (from Level 2 through Level 8).

Electives are provided to enhance the core curriculum. Animal Science and Bible Reading are available at Elementary level – the rest are at High School level. Most of the electives are 1-credit modules, but some are 1/2-credit (having only 6 PACEs). Several of these are compulsory (such as Health, Music, and Speech), while others are chosen by the student. Upper level students should carefully consider the entrance requirements for the university course they plan to pursue, as well as the career path they are interested in, when choosing their electives.

Being a self-paced curriculum, students learn to set their own goals on a daily, weekly, per-term and annual basis. They are also assisted to set their own targets for graduation.

There are no periodic examinations. Instead, students are continuously assessed through Checkups, Self Tests and PACE Tests as they work through each unit. Mastery must be demonstrated in the PACE Test (minimum 80% passing mark) before advancing to the next PACE.

Transcripts and/or Report Cards are issued during Parent Conferences after each semester.

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