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Please note that under the Compulsory Education Act we are unable to accept Singapore citizen students until they have completed their PSLE (Primary School Leaving Examination). Exemption might apply for children returning to Singapore who have already done several years of schooling overseas, or for children with special educational needs.

Also note that since June, 2016, approval from the MOE (Ministry of Education) is required before any Singapore citizen can be admitted to a Private Education Institution such as VLCS. Please contact us for application of approval.

We are not yet able to sponsor the Student Pass for international students, but we are working towards EduTrust Certification for this. However, we do welcome foreign children who are Singapore Permanent Residents or on a qualifying Dependant’s Pass.

Application Requirements
1. View the online videos Presenting A.C.E. and The Forgotten Biblical Mandate.

2. Complete the following documents:

  1. Application Form (or this format may be filled out in Word before printing)
  2. Advisory Note (Form 12, Private Education Act)
  3. VLCS-Student Contract (two original sets, as required by CPE – please also read the Student Contract Cover Letter)
  4. Parents’ Statement of Appointment and
  5. Student’s Code of Honor Pledge.

3. Personal testimony describing your conviction to send your child to Victory Life Christian School.

4. Personal testimony from the student (if aged 12 years and above), describing why he/she feels they should come to Victory Life Christian School.

5. Submit copies of the following documents together with the completed application forms:

  1. Parents’ Marriage Certificate
  2. Parents’ Identification Documents
  3. Student’s Birth Certificate and Identification Documents
  4. Medical certificates of immunizations given to student
  5. Medical reports concerning student’s physical/psychological condition

6. Payment (cash, cheque or e-banking) for the total Initial Fees (see Fees).

NOTE: Cheques must be made payable to Victory Life Christian School Ltd. For e-banking payments, please ensure the student’s full name is referenced to enable us to credit the account correctly. Please email a bank confirmation advice, with your name, date of deposit, transaction reference, purpose of payment, and our account number, to:
Account to credit: DBS Current Account 018-901667-7

7. Parents must attend Parent Orientation before student commences school (or the first Parent Orientation conducted once student commences).

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