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  • 5 October 2017Children's Day Celebration - Field Trip
  • 6 October 2017Children's Day
  • 15 October 2017 2:00 pmSchool Camp
  • 18 October 2017Deepavali
  • 17 November 2017Last day of Term 2
  • 18 November 2017December School Holidays
  • 20 November 2017Transcript Preparation
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The School of Tomorrow® curriculum focuses specifically on the student learning rather than the teacher teaching. Teachers or educators are referred to as Supervisors, and classrooms are referred to as Learning Centres. Each class has its own Learning Centres headed by Supervisors assisted by one or more Monitors (administrative assistants or teacher aides), yielding an average Staff:Student ratio of 1:12.

In addition to their academic qualifications, staff members complete the A.C.E.® Professional Staff Training Course run by School of Tomorrow® or their representative. They also attend conferences, such as the annual Christian Educators’ Convention, to learn educational reforms, share ideas and sharpen their focus on Christian Education and the use of the curriculum. Reference to the School of Tomorrow® Procedures Manual is required of all staff.

Our staff members are chosen based on their individual merits and giftings, including educational background, life experience, spiritual maturity, and a heart to serve God by serving children. As the School of Tomorrow® curriculum is self-instructional, the primary qualification for all our teaching staff (above diplomas or degrees) is the completion of the professional Supervisor Training conducted by A.C.E.®.

Our Learning Centres are currently headed by the following full-time academic staff:

Elementary:       Dixin Neo (Mrs Dixin) and Cheng Voon Kuen (Mrs Laura Lim)

Middle School:  Malnaveley d/o Chelladurai (Mrs Valluvan)

Junior High:      Philip Yee Wah On (Mr Yee)

High School:     Ginkee Mahalia Aquino Golfo (Mrs Liah Golfo)



Name Completion
of ACE® Supervisor Training
Highest Academic Qualification Conferring Institution
Mrs Laura 29/11/2013, 17/03/2010 State Registered Nurse School of Nursing, Singapore
Mrs Dixin 2015
Mrs Valluvan 25/11/2011, 10/03/2006 Diploma in Learning Disorders Management and Child Psychology Linguistic Council (Allied Educators), Singapore
Mr Yee 29/11/2013 Degree – Bachelor of Business Administration Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia
Mrs Liah 25/11/2011, 09/07/2004 Degree – BA Major in Communication Arts The Philippine Women’s University,
The Philippines

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