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Letter to Parents (January)


Dear VLCS Parents,

Greetings to you and your family, and may all be blessed with the riches of His grace, fullness of His power and love in Christ Jesus for 2019!

We thank God for a great finish to 2018: six students, five staff and a parent who attended the Power and Love conference in December reached out to the public in boldness, love and faith. They shared the love of Jesus, prayed, prophesied, blessed and laid hands on the sick. One student together with his sister saved a 16-year-old youth from drowning in their condo pool! We believe these are just the beginning of greater works that Jesus said we will do. We believe the Lord will empower us to touch more lives for His Kingdom and His righteousness, and 2019 will be greater!

Activities for the month of January:

  • First Day of Term: Monday, 7 January
  • Parent Conferences (PCs): Monday-Friday, 7-11 January
  • Parents-Staff Fellowship (PSF): Saturday, 19 January
  • Parent Orientation: Friday, 25 January

For further details, please read this month’s newsletter, posted HERE for your convenience.

Bible Memory Passage for January: Romans 11:1-18

Principals, Mrs. Malna Valluvan and Mrs. Lim Ho Mun