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ISC2015 Placings


Congratulations to all our participants of the International Students Convention 2015!

Here are the placings achieved by our students in the various events that they entered:

1st Place: Afghan – Ashley Peck (out of 11 entries)
3rd Place: Expressive Reading – Ashley Chua (out of 37 entries)
6th Place: Oratory – Kim Eun Myung (out of 21 entries)
8th Place: Knitting – Ashley Peck (out of 10 entries)
8th Place: Vocal Trio Female – Ashley Chua; Angeline Hey; Kim Eun Myung (out of 14 entries)
8th Place: Expressive Reading Male – Jeremy Khoo (out of 19 entries)
8th Place: Famous Speech – Josiah Teh (out of 19 entries)
10th Place: Bible Bowl – Angeline Hey; Jeremy Khoo; Joshua Yoon (out of 56 entries)
12th Place: Preaching 13-15yrs – Jeremy Khoo (out of 26 entries)
12th Place: Preaching 16 and up – Zenn Neo (out of 58 entries)
13th Place: Dramatic Monologue – Ashley Chua (out of 23 entries)
14th Place: Essay Writing – Joshua Yu (out of 50 entries)
14th Place: Group Bible Speaking – all except Ian Lim (out of 15 entries)

Events of the Heart
1st Place: Vocal Solo Male – Ian Lim

All glory to God for His blessings, grace and favour.
And thank you to all parents, staff and fellow students for your prayer and support.

Singapore at ISC 2015

Singapore Delegation

Ashley Peck

Ashley Chua

Kim EunMyung

Ian Lim