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Parent’s Testimony – RSC 2014


Testimony by Mrs Grace Chow about the Malaysia Regional Student Convention 2014

I am Grace, mother of Peyton Choo of Middle School, and I would like to share my experience and observations as a parent attending RSC 2014 in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, 25-29 August. I decided to accompany my daughter as this was her first overseas trip with the school. Being a little protective, I insisted on going along even though she pleaded with me not to. As this was our first RSC trip, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I just knew that it was a competition amongst ACE students from the region.

Prior to that, I noticed that Peyton was busy preparing and practicing her events daily at home. In fact, I did discourage her from participating in so many events, as I didn’t think that she could do it, especially in table tennis, running and solo singing. Nevertheless, Peyton insisted on trying and doing her best. She believed that God would help her and give her the strength. Besides her effort, I must also commend the hard work and dedication of the supervisors in helping the students to prepare for their events.

During the trip, Mrs. Boey and the supervisors took excellent care of the students as if they were their own children. They were all one big happy family! What impressed me most was that the students themselves were very caring and supportive of one another. The older students always looked out for and took care of the younger ones. They displayed the virtues of responsibility and love for one another, like brothers and sisters.
In my opinion, RSC is a good platform to display the students’ talents and abilities, while building their self-confidence when they participate in the competition. The spirit of sportsmanship was also displayed among them. During the competition, everyone was very supportive of each other in cheering and, in events where they did not do that well, in consoling one another.

The other high point was the rally nights. We were very touched by the messages that Pastor Thompson preached every night. They were so impactful, even to me. One that struck me most was about daring to step out of one’s comfort zone to do great things for the glory of God. Lastly, I must also commend the fantastic, delicious meals that were provided during the event.

I would like to encourage all the other students and parents to experience RSC in the future. I was totally blessed by the experience and will continue to allow my daughter to participate in RSC yearly.

Remember, God has a plan for each of our children, and all we have to do is to trust and submit our children to Him. Only Jesus can bring out the best in our children. Once again, I am grateful that I had the chance to experience what RSC was all about. Thank you!

Emory Thompson

Emory Thompson – special guest preacher for RSC 2014 Rally Nights