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VLCS Expansion Plan


Dear Parents,

I am happy to inform you that a 3-year expansion plan was launched at our last Staff Annual Planning Conference.

For the initial expansion of Victory Life Christian School, after successfully running the Learning Support Programme (LSP) for our Special Needs (SPED) students, we are taking the first step of establishing a Special Education Division (SED). VLCS-SED, which will be located independently from the main school, will commence operations in school year 2014/2015. This initiative will cater to a larger group of high-functioning Special Needs students than our present school. The current students will remain in our main school, maintaining the ratio of one LSP Supervisor to eight SPED students.

Mrs Malna Valluvan has been appointed as Vice Principal of VLCS-SED and will work alongside Miss Rika Abrera and me. She will also be sent to Birthright School (an A.C.E. school with 70% SPED students) in Manila, Philippines, to understudy the principal, Mrs Miriam del Rosario.

Since our current LSP is part of the Junior Cluster (comprising of Elementary and Middle School), my two Vice Principals have exchanged positions. Mrs Malna Valluvan is now VP of Junior Cluster and Supervisor of Middle School, while Mrs Lim Ho Mun is VP of Senior Cluster and Supervisor of High School.

Please join me in congratulating Mrs Malna Valluvan and Mrs Lim Ho Mun. I know they can continue to count on your support in their new appointments. We also solicit your prayer support for the successful establishment of VLCS-SED.

In His joy,

Ps. Rajaram S.N. Samy (Raj)
Principal / Senior Administrator