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Soldier of the Month


We would like to specially acknowledge one of our students who is currently serving our nation in National Service, who was nominated for “Best Soldier of the Month, Specialist and Warrant Officer Advanced School” (March 2012) with the following commendation from the 2nd Warrant Officer:

Lance-Corporal Emmanuel’s performance has exceeded expectations. He distinguishes himself with high quality of work. His pride in his work was evident… The job requires thinking out of the box and he performed beyond his level. He is a cheerful individual who brings positive energy and commitment to the team. … Through times of hardship and stress, his smile and cheerfulness, and also his willingness to adapt were never absent. This work ethic and discipline explains why he is well liked by his peers and superiors alike.

Congratulations to Emmanuel Valluvan – a true soldier of our Lord Jesus Christ, an excellent example of a student of Victory Life, and a great “testimony to our glorious King”! A Christian Soldier