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Parents’ Testimony – Samantha Hou


Email from Mrs Priscilla Hou:

It is with much gratitude that we write to thank VLCS for all that Samantha has received throughout the entire three and a half years she has spent in the school.

Sam started attending VLCS after completing secondary one in one of the all-girls schools in Singapore. By that time, she was discouraged by the constant bullying that was happening in school, of which she was a victim. She often came home unhappy and distraught. By the middle of secondary one, we were convinced that we needed to rescue her from her daily tormentors. She had lost confidence in herself and was totally helpless when faced with her aggressors.

Within a year after Sam started school in VLCS, she blossomed. She became more confident, and found much joy and pleasure in learning the ACE curriculum. At the same time, she grew in wisdom, not only in things of the physical realm, but also in the things of the spiritual. We were amazed!

Today, Sam is a wonderful young lady who is such a joy to be with. She is kind, thoughtful and cares for the less fortunate. Sam completed the High School Diploma at the age of 16, and applied to Houston Baptist University for a place to study for her first degree. Not only was she offered a place very quickly, she was also offered a Founder’s Scholarship! This indeed came as a complete surprise to us since we had not applied for any scholarship and had most certainly thought that we would not qualify for any! God is good! His favour is upon Sam!

So, thank you, Mrs Boey, Ps Raj, Mrs Valluvan, Mrs Lim and Mrs Liah, for all the hard work you have put in to bring about transformation in the lives of all the children in VLCS, which Sam is proud to be a part of. Thank you for all the opportunities given to groom and to nurture each precious child of God. Sam is very blessed to have been a recipient of all that you have offered to the school – your love, your encouragement and your commitment. She has indeed spent her most impressionable years in the right place, at the right time.

Sam at her graduation, receiving the Platform Events Champion trophy on behalf of her House, which she led to victory in the annual House Challenge.