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Dear Parents,

A reminder that over the next two days we will be conducting the re-test for those students who failed their NAPFA Challenge last term (the majority of our student body). Those few who did pass will act as assistants (e.g. providing water for the runners). The NAPFA (National Physical Fitness Award) programme is for those aged 12 years old and above, so Elementary students are not involved (they will follow their regular class schedule). Students recently promoted to Middle School, who only turned 12 since last term, are not required to participate in this re-test, so will also serve as assistants.

Thursday: the first five test stations (after the break following Chapel service)

Students must come to school in their regular uniform and tie (as usual). They will change into their PE uniform during break, and change back into their regular uniform after cooling down after NAPFA.

Friday: the 2.4km run (during the regular PE period)

Students must come to school in their PE uniform (as usual). They may re-use the same t-shirt and shorts from the morning before, then change into a fresh t-shirt and pants/skirt after NAPFA (as usual).

If your child is to be exempted for any reason, please ensure they have a proper letter of excuse and/or valid medical certificate.

In Christ’s service, for your children,
Alistair Quirey
Training Support Officer