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Testimony Shared at Victory Nite 2011


Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are parents of Timothy Kwang, a student in Victory Life Christian School. I just want to testify of God’s goodness in healing our son in this school.

Timothy fell very ill at the beginning of this year, and we had to take him out of the GCE ‘O’ level race. We were prepared for him to just stay home and miss the ‘O’ level exams. He could perhaps sit for the exams next year, or the year after, as a private candidate when he recovers.

However, God intervened and we heard of Victory Life Christian School, where the curriculum is self-paced. Our concern was the school fees. We were expecting to hear of something like over a $1000 per month. This is what a private school offering three hours of ESL Monday to Friday would charge. But thanks be to God, the fees turned out to be below the norm of the commercial world. We could take the school on. Especially when we save on private tuition fees.

After four months of immersion in the presence of God in this school, soaking up God’s words in his PACE lessons, and surrounded by spirit-filled Supervisors who have been very patient with him, prayed with him and for him, and who gave him Godly counsel, he is now healed. The infirmities have lifted! Last week, for the first time in seven months, he was well enough to attend school every day – Monday to Friday, and even Saturday! (because he had to go back for the Victory Nite rehearsal). We can now save on medical fees too!
I am sure many of you too have a similar story of triumph and victory of your children in this school. Won’t you join me in thanking God for raising such a school for such a time as this in our hours of need? I would like to exhort you to give generously to support and to boost the academic and Kingdom work that Victory Life Christian School is doing in our children and for our Lord God.

Thank you,

Samuel and Winnie Kwang