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Mission Trip Testimony


Dear all,
I am glad to submit my testimony of the recent mission trip to the Lahu tribe in Chiang Rai:

At the airport before departure, we were encouraged by a testimony from one of our student’s parents. She had a desire to buy two notebook computers to give away to the ministry among the Lahu villages, but hesitated because of the daily news of devastating floods in Thailand. However, she sensed the Lord’s prompting to buy them regardless of the news. She obeyed the Lord and on the following day, she received a six-fold blessing! Praise the Lord! This testimony encouraged us greatly to know that the Lord will equip us and He will see us through this mission. We departed full of confidence and thanksgiving to our Lord!

We arrived at Chiang Rai around 11pm. Terry with his wife, Linda, and Kitichai and his wife, who speaks Chinese, were at the airport to welcome us. They drove us to a big bungalow dedicated to accommodate visiting missionaries. Terry gave us a heads-up that we may be ‘messed up’ and leave our hearts with the Lahu people when we leave. And he was right, as some of the staff and students are planning to return one day!

Terry (a farmer from Idaho with a degree in agriculture) and Linda (a teacher) were missionaries to Africa for more than 13 years before settling in Lahu for 10 years now. They are in their sixties and are great model servants of the Lord! They have no children of their own but have six adopted children in Chiang Rai and some more in South Africa.

The LTC is a Bible school with 44 students (ages 17- 36) and is situated up in the mountains, about 10 minutes of rough terrain from where we stayed. The Lahu at LTC were exuberant in their worship, and when they sang, “Hide me now, under Your wings, … King over the flood, I will be still and know You are God”, the presence of God was so tangible amongst the people. Their singing brought tears to many of us. Before preaching on spiritual giftings, I inquired of the Lord on what to say. Instantly, I sensed that He wanted me to tell them that He calls them His friends. He knows that they fear Him and love Him and He sees them like He saw Gideon, each of them a mighty man of valour. He will empower them to do great things. Amen! Later, I found out from Linda that those words are so apt as the Lahu have low self-esteem and are looked down upon by most Thais. God is good all the time!

Just before preaching, I realized I forgot to bring my notes to the training centre as I left them in the washroom where we stayed. Praise the Lord, His peace was with me to totally depend on Him to speak through me on spiritual giftings. I know it was effortless on my part! To God be the glory! After preaching, the Lord directed me to ask who speaks in tongues. Only a handful raised their hands and I then proceeded to ask who would like to speak in tongues and saw more that 90% of the students raise their hands and came forward for the altar call. We prayed and laid hands on them and they began to speak in tongues. To God be the glory!

The next morning as I communed with the Lord, He wanted me to share the fact that He came from Nazareth, a place where people doubted if anything good could come from there, and that He was known as a mere carpenter. It was awesome to hear His voice and know how much He loves the Lahu and desires for them to do greater works! I felt led to share Luke 11:11-14. My sharing that morning was once again light and easy. Praise the Lord!

The Lord gave us the best weather – cool and sunny. We were well fed and enjoyed Lahu tea and bamboo maggots! The breakfasts prepared by our students and staff were seasoned with sacrifice of sleep, and tender loving care. It was also a good experience of community life for us when we, together with LTC students, were invited to a village dinner provided by a family celebrating the harvest! There was abundance of good spicy food and many happy people!

We visited a couple who rent a bungalow to house orphan girls. This couple graduated from LTC. All the girls are believers and they can sing very well! Our students were generous with their love and gifts and Mrs Lim shared an interactive story of the prodigal’s son and her own testimony. Even though we don’t speak their language, we parted with many warm hugs, teary eyes, smiles and more hugs.

I am blessed to see VLCS students giving generously their time and resources, never complaining of the rough terrain or traveling in trucks, staying alert in extending help and fellowship. I saw mutual respect and honour, and was especially glad to see their willingness to love others, their spontaneity in sharing their testimonies, having fun in teaching English and leading in games. Thank you VLCS students and I believe all of you will do greater works in the days to come, being a people prepared for the Lord!


Mrs Boey