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Mission Trip Reflections


Here are a few personal reflections that we felt about LTC, DTS, the orphanage and the worship there:

Elisha: LTC taught me how selfish I am being with my life.
Timothy: They sacrificed a lot to learn about God and to come to LTC.
Ramona: The simple life they led touched me.
Ecclesiastes: Fun, loving experience.
Samantha: Though there was poverty, there was also happiness and contentment.
Jeremy: If they could sacrifice so much for God, having so little, how much more can we sacrifice for the glory of Him.
Karlo: They are nice.
Eunice: Their lives are simple and they’re very innocent. I can see that they are content with what they have.
Mrs Valluvan: They are contented.
Mrs Lim: I was very, very impressed with their commitment and devotion. I felt that the students knew how to honour the speakers that came up to speak by giving their full attention. I feel they live close to God.
Mr Raj: I feel the peace and love of the Lord, and the love for the Lord fills this place.
Mrs Rajan: It was a very warm experience for me. Everyone I met was superb, and I was able to learn and observe their simplicity, obedience and unity.
Mrs Kwang: I think that LTC is physically self-sufficient as they don’t have to worry about money to feed themselves because they grow their own food.
Mrs Boey: LTC was purposeful in fulfilling its call to make disciples for all nations. The students’ aspiration to reach out to their villages for Jesus is inspiring.
Vino: LTC was a learning experience; one I would never forget.

Jeremy: They are spirit-filled people with a fire for God.
Ecclesiastes: It’s amazing how they came all the way from Burma to Thailand just to study.
Karlo: Amazing.
Mrs Valluvan: They are hungry for His Word.
Mrs Rajan: DTS was a very short but lasting experience. I will never forget their smiles and warm greetings, even before entering the class.
Mr Raj: A small place where big dreams are realized.

Samantha: They were innocent and humble, yet content and they love God.
Elisha: I felt that God was telling me family is not always about blood, but about bond.
Ramona: God is all that matters, and He is family.
Eunice: We must be more thankful that we have our parents.
Mrs Lim: It touched me very deeply. Especially their singing and how they reached out to serve us. I would have loved an opportunity to spend more time with them and for our students to share with them as well. They were very appreciative of the gifts, and when I embraced them, it really touched me for some of them really needed someone to hold them.
Mrs Boey: I was touched by the caring couple who rented a bungalow to house the seven orphans. I was also touched to see them well provided for, especially in the spiritual aspect. I could see that they worship with conviction. It was really good to see the VLCS girls extending love to them through gifts, hugs and friendship.
Vino: Though they had lost much, they still could be sweet and gentle. That’s something really valuable to have.

Ramona: We are to be ashamed of our school’s worship.
Karlo: Their worship – phenomenal.
Eunice: They really sang with their hearts. We should learn from them.
Jeremy: Truly inspiring. Even the people not “performing” were worshiping, thus drawing the focus away from the band, but to God.
Ecclesiastes: We can learn a lot from them to improve ourselves.
Samantha: I think they were very enthusiastic. Even though they are less fortunate, they are more sincere in worshiping God.
Elisha: The people in our school are so technical in our worship, but the people there are very sincere as a whole.
Timothy: I really loved their hymns. Loved the sincere way they sang it.
Mrs Kwang: Their worship is fantastic as they worship from their heart. They actually took pains to memorize the hymns.
Mr Raj: The fragrance of praise and worship was evident.
Mrs Lim: Their worship, be it LTC, or the Lahu church, was one of excellence. It was very much for the heart and engaging the Spirit! The worship leaders were also very good. Although I didn’t understand what they were saying, I could feel their connection with the Lord. Everyone was also worshipping with one heart and voice. Very inspiring!
Mrs Valluvan: They were sincere.
Mrs Rajan: I am ashamed of myself; they gave their whole heart and sang with one accord, worshipping in spirit and truth. Their zeal can be heard and seen in their voices. They find joy in God. Though a little flock, but great in the sight of the Lord.
Mrs Boey: Their exuberant worship is amazing, especially knowing that they do not have much, but they are full of hunger and thirst for the Lord. The Spirit of the Lord is there to encourage, educate and empower them to do great things for God.